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Bed bugs were once considered a thing of the past, but not anymore! Our state of Indiana has been suffering from a terrible Bed Bug epidemic for the last several years and in 2018 Indianapolis ranked in at #8 for one of the most Bed Bug Infestated cities in America. If you are suffering from bed bugs in Indianapolis you aren’t alone. Bed bugs are increasingly becoming an epidemic throughout not just the Indianapolis region, but the world. Even expensive hotels and restaurants aren’t immune.

  Bed Bugs can ruin not just your home or commercial business but your health and happiness. You need someone you can trust to get rid of and control your Bed Bug infestation for good! If you think you have a Bed Bug problem call us today for a free quote. 

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 The Bed Bug Police proudly provides expert pest control and Bed Bug extermination in Indianapolis. With over 10+ years experience we’ve helped over 10,000 homeowners and businesses manage and exterminate their Bed Bug and other pest problems.  Let us help you!

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 We have the most affordable prices for Bed Bug Removal in the entire state of Indiana! Bed Bug treatments require 2 services at 7-10 days apart to insure success and the eradication of all adult Bed Bugs and their eggs. Service includes a 30 day warranty after the second treatment! In most situations the treatment of adjacent rooms and/or whole house service is necessary. 

Don't have full payment up front? NO PROBLEM! We have easy payment plans available and can split the payments up!! Bed Bug treatments are safely applied by using innovative methods and conventional liquid applications.

 Choose The Bed Bug Police To Eliminate Your Disturbance!

When you call The Bed Bug Police you’re calling a locally owned and operated company; we service the community we live in. We value your time, so when you call you’ll speak to a live operator and we’ll schedule a service time that is convenient for you. 

 Each of our Pest Detectives are carefully trained professionals with a detailed eye and an eco-friendly mindset. All employees  undergo extensive classroom and on the job training before they can service homes by themselves. When your doorbell rings, you can be confident that The Bed Bug Police has sent a true professional to your home. 

The Bed Bug Police provides a zero obligation, free estimate. Our certified Pest Detectives will take the time and care to thoroughly explain treatment options, pricing and what is best for your situation. We believe in professional service that is convenient as well as effective.

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Every operating technician must undergo extensive training in becoming Bed Bug specialists and must fully understand the biology of Bed Bugs. All Pest Detectives are registered 7A licensed Pesticide Applicators issued by The O.I.S.C. of Purdue University. 

  For the past 10+ years we’ve helped protect over 10,000 homes. We are Indianapolis’s preferred Bed Bug Exterminator and Pest Control Company.  WE KILL BED BUGS!  Let us help you!

Proudly providing Bed Bug Extermination for residential homes and commercial businesses in Indianapolis, In. Hamilton County, Marion County and all surrounding areas. We provide service for the entire state of Indiana!

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